For hatchery solutions Hatch Tech is one of the leading company in the world that claims of 1cm decisive difference in chicken length. Hatch Tech is specialized and innovative in Hatchery Technologies as company introduced Laminar Air Flow and Early Feeding technique.

Our solutions
The key to achieving predictable and consistent superior chick quality is to ensure that the needs of the embryo are consistently and uniformly met during incubation. The embryo temperature, which is determined by the environmental conditions around the egg, is especially important.

All of our solutions are specially designed to provide embryos and chicks with optimum, uniform conditions.

Laminar Airflow
Providing superior chick quality by uniform environmental conditions on egg /chick level.

Uniform Environmental Conditions

The specially designed, perforated radiators create pressure differentials that distribute the air in a uniform flow of parallel air layers. The air speed is uniform throughout the egg mass – from top to bottom as well as from front to back. The airflow is precisely the same at every location within the machine.

Laminar airflow ensures that the optimal temperature that the MicroClimer technology produces is homogenously delivered to every single egg. Such precision control of the temperature of each individual embryo translates into chick quality that is not only outstanding, but also highly uniform.

HatchTech Microclimer Setters

HatchTech MicroClimer Setters are designed to deliver a uniform incubation environment that specifically meets the needs of the embryo, for outstanding development. Individual motors per trolley make it possible to fine-tune turning frequency and sequence as desired.

HatchTech Microclimer Hatchers

MicroClimer Hatchers utilize MicroClimer and laminar airflow technology. This unique airflow system creates ideal environmental conditions in which every egg and chick in the hatcher is kept at the optimal temperature for outstanding development. The hatcher baskets are specially designed to uniformly distribute this airflow.

HatchBrood Brooding Control

HatchBrood balances and controls all of the crucial environmental variables during the brooding period, ensuring that all chicks maintain a uniform and optimum body temperature. HatchBrood guarantees that chicks will get the best possible growth and development start.

HatchTech Chick Storage Room

Chick Storage room - Optimal storage conditions
The HatchTech Chick Storage Room has been carefully designed to deliver the perfect temperature and uniform airflow to guarantee outstanding development and superior chick quality. The Chick Storage Room can be intergrated into any existing or new hatchery, regardless the brand of incubation equipment. Stores up to 30% more day-old chicks.